International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Date: March 26 (mon), 27 (tue), 28 (wed) / 2018

Place: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大学)

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March 26 (mon)

09:00 -- 09:30
Norikazu SAITO (University of Tokyo)
Variational analysis of the discontinuous Galerkin time-stepping method for parabolic equations

09:30 -- 10:00
Yuki CHIBA (University of Tokyo)
Discontinuous Galerkin method for an N-dimensional spherically symmetric Poisson equation

10:00 -- 10:30
Jintao CUI (Hong Kong PolyU)
Finite Element Approximation of a Free Boundary Plasma Problem

Coffee Break

11:00 -- 11:30
Aymeric GRODET (Ehime University)
Towards finite element computation of general minimal surfaces

11:30 -- 12:00
Bangti JIN(Univ College London)
Time stepping schemes for fractional evolution equations.

Free Discussion

14:00 -- 14:30
Takahito KASHIWABARA (University of Tokyo)
Several remarks on $L^\infty$-type error estimates of the finite element method

14:30 -- 15:00
Buyang LI (Hong Kong PolyU)
Hodge decomposition of the dynamic Ginzburg-Landau equations in multi-connected nonsmooth domains

15:00 -- 15:30
Kenta KOBAYASHI (Hitotsubashi University)
The relation between Crouzeix-Raviart and Raviart-Thomas finite element methods

Coffee Break

16:00 -- 16:30
Shih-kang LIAO (Nigata University), Xuefeng LIU (Nigata University)
Optimal Estimation for the Fujino-Morley interpolation error constants

16:30 -- 17:00
Takiko SASAKI (Meiji University)
Numerical and mathematical analysis for the blow-up curve of solutions to 1-dimensional nonlinear wave equations

17:00 -- 17:30
Issei OIKAWA (Waseda University)
Remarks on some general convergence theorem in FEM

18:30 -- 20:00
Banquet 南北小厨

March 27 (tue)

09:00 -- 09:30
Xuefeng LIU (Nigata University)
The a priori error estimation for divergence-free approximation solution of Stokes equation in 3D domain

09:30 -- 10:00
Daisuke TAGAMI (Kyushu University)
Numerical computations of incompressible Navier--Stokes equations by a time-explicit particle methods

10:00 -- 10:30
Chupeng MA (Hong Kong PolyU)
Energy conserving Galerkin finite element methods for the Maxwell-Klein-Gordon system

Coffee Break

11:00 -- 11:30
Shinya UCHIUMI (Waseda University)
Finite element methods for flow problems with small viscosity and remarks on implementation

11:30 -- 12:00
Zhonghua QIAO(Hong Kong PolyU)
Discrete maximum principle of exponential time differencing schemes for nonlocal Allen-Cahn equations

12:00 --
Free Discussion

March 28 (wed)

09:00 -- 09:30
Yoshitaka WATANABE (Kyushu University)
A higher order error estimation of the Poisson equation and its applications

09:30 -- 10:00
Guanyu ZHOU (Tokyo University of Science)
The finite element method with the Crouzeix-Raviart element for the Stokes problem with the slip boundary condition on a curved boundary

10:00 -- 10:30
Nobito YAMAMOTO (University of Electro-Communications)
Kouki Nitta (University of Electro-Communications)
On numerical verification of existence of homoclinic orbits of dynamical systems of higher dimensional cases

Coffee Break

11:00 -- 11:30
Zhi ZHOU (Hong Kong PolyU)
Pointwise-in-time error estimates for an optimal control problem with subdiffusion constraint.

11:30 -- 12:00
Takuya TSUCHIYA (Ehime University)
Error analysis of Lagrange interpolations on tetrahedrons

12:00 --
Free Discussion